Seminar Options

Schools, community groups and the workplace can play a major role in the ongoing development of parents.

To support parents now is to support our youth and our future. Research is asking that government, business and community groups including schools, work together to offer new approaches and programmes that will build parenting confidence and raise their skills and level of awareness required to parent youth. The following programmes can be sponsored by schools, community organisations or places where parents work.

Contact Debbie to chat about her unique professional development programmes available to schools, parents and those who work with youth. for our future.

A Range Of Seminars Tailored To Specific Group Needs:



Values Education in the Home: Ideas for Mums and Dads
Positive Friendships: Strategies for Parents
Get Ready for the Teenage Years
Bullying: Strategies for Parents to Support Children
Understanding your Teenager
Fathers and Daughters
Parenting from a Distance
Building Resilient Kids
Connect with your Pre-teen/Teenager



Presentation Skills for Confident Public Speaking
Student Leadership: Now and Beyond
Study Skills for Success
Building Positive Relationships for Life
Permission to Shine: Empowering girls



Coaching Kids: Strategies that support teaching and learning
Understanding Pre-Teenagers (or Teenagers)
Dealing with Difficult People
Presentation Skills for Confident Public Speaking
Mastering Relationships at Work
Positive Team Work for School Staff (on or off site)
Small Talk: The Art of Parent Conversations

Governments, business and community groups should work together to develop and implement early intervention initiatives that build parenting confidence and capacity prior to the emergence of more defined problems for children and families.

- The Concerns of Australian Parents, 2004, Australian Childhood Foundation

For all parents, it is imperative that as a community we find ways to connect with them support them and encourage their self reflection and learning. By doing so, we will undoubtedly improve the quality of the relationship between parents and their children, and in turn enhance the developmental outcomes for all children.

- The Changing Face of Parenting, 2005, Australian Childhood Foundation