Teen Coaching


Dear Debbie

Thank you for making a great difference to Isabella’s life. She is much happier at school. Her sessions with you was the first time she had come away from anything I had organised for her saying that she learnt a lot and wrote down the things you discussed with her in her diary to help her remember the important things. I just wanted you to know that your help was appreciated.


Many of us, from time to time, require support, ideas or new ways of looking at things...

and the uniqueness of coaching means that kids are able to take on positive suggestions without feeling that they aren’t good enough or that they require ‘fixing’. There is no doubt that kids respond extremely well to coaching given that they are open to the process.

Debbie coaches children and teenagers to overcome or manage personal challenges or issues such as friendships, building confidence, self esteem, enhancing social skills, study success or future direction and planning.

Debbie’s coaching for children or teenagers involves positive behavioural changes; which takes time and effort. Therefore, Debbie has a set program for children or teenagers which involves four or eight one hour sessions. It is highly recommended that parents take part in a separate program in order to support their teenager to reach their successful outcomes.

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